Jun H y u n (g) Seung
Birth name: Jang Hyun Seung 장현승
Date of birth: September 3, 1989
Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Birth name: Yong Jun Hyung 용준형
Date of birth: December 19, 1989
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

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before I go, I gotta say this since I’m not really a type of sweetly angel. Next time someone don’t want to reblog this but wanna copy and mark it as your own. I don’t mind that, please just don’t liked it, then unliked it, then copied it. Because dude that hurts, hurt so much I even thinking about not translate any JUNSEUNG anymore. LOL.

Imma tell you guys, keep looking at everything as Junseung as you want, and do it as much as you could (because I can bitterly say it’s not that much, so we kinda have to work hard LOL) Don’t care if it’s gonna sound weird or too much, because look at what I’m going to show you next…


It happens that Hyunnie has got a lots of Fanboys lately…

this man was just ONE OF SO MANY FANBOYS that came up and posted kind of this in Naver, he was being serious there I can see, or at least he really was being crazy, one way or another.

This is how K-B2UTIES reacted to this post,

and this,

and then,

and this,

and so on~ This is happened so many times all around the forum. the next fanboys even said it in his post that “please don’t call me Junhyung”…. Some of them even said they don’t like Junhyung because that bastard took their princess and marked him as his own LOL


Yeah, seriously guys, Hardcore shipper is always HARDCORE!

누가뭐래도 I’ma make it hot is Junseung Slogan, baby!

ps. They call them YongHyun 용현 the most, seriously, I checked. I’m so trying with my reading skill and keep reading JunSeung fanfiction in Korean u know (Which is, lemme tell ya it’s so great~~~~~~~~) lol nvm that. I tryna search with every name they have and YongHyun is the most use here. next to it is JuRan (which actually I think they call this kind of YongHyun stans, stuffs and shippers as JuRan)

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